Why Miraget ? We have been using multiple B2B lead generation softwares, and the results were not always great, most of them are very “pricy” and the ROI is not always as claimed and most importantly is the leads generated are simple companies matched to IPs offered by multiple APIs which gives you a dilemma

tFileInputJSON Use Case-Parse JSON using Talend   tFileInputJSON extracts JSON data from a file according to the JSONPath query, then transferring the data to a file, a database table. tFileInputJSON  Use Case : This post I will demonstrate you, how to parse JSON File using Talend.  Below is our sample JSON File. 1 2 3 4 5

Parallelization in Talend You can achieve Parallelization in Talend in 2 ways. Running SubJobs in Parallel by using the Multi-threaded Executions Enabling Mulit-threaded Execution is hidden in the Jobs view of the studio. Also note that enabling multi-thread on a single processor could hurt the performance Using the tParallelize component of Talend. The tParallelize component is