10 useful questions for Talend certification ( part 1 )

1 The command to check the default JVM version is :
a Java –version
b Version –java
c Which java version
d Java
2 Minimum memory size dedicated to JVM to launch Talend Administration Center (TAC) on Tomcat
a 512 MB
b 256 MB
c 1024 MB
d 128 MB
3 Minimum Disk usage for Talend Administration Centre (TAC)
a 50 MB
b 100 MB
c 200 MB
d 400 MB
4 Minimum Disk usage for CommandLine
a 500 MB
b 800 MB
c 1024 MB
d 2048 MB
5 What’s the default login for Talend Administration Center (TAC)
a admin@talend.com / talend
b admin@talend.com / admin
c admin@company.com / talend
d admin@company.com / admin
6 When you check the connection to Talend Administration Center (TAC) database, you get the following error :
Cannot instantiate oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
a Put ojdbcx-xxg.jar into tomcat lib or into org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/lib
b restart tomcat
c report a new bug and open a ticket
d change database’s vendor
7 The JobServer communicates with the Talend Administration Centre (TAC) via the protocol
a ftp
b ssh
c http
d tcp
8 How can you check the presence of services (commandline, jobserver, tomcat) :
a telnet ip command
b netstat command
c tracert command
d ping command   Pages:

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