MDM products comparison : Which one is the best ? Trusted master data is increasingly recognized as a prerequisite for the realization of the digital business, and MDM of customer data is central to that requirement. This report will help information management leaders find the right vendor of MDM of customer data solutions for their

Using Parquet Tables in Hive If the table will be populated with data files generated outside of Impala and Hive, it is often useful to create the table as an external table pointing to the location where the files will be created: hive> create external table parquet_table_name (x INT, y STRING) ROW FORMAT SERDE ‘parquet.hive.serde.ParquetHiveSerDe’

tJavaFlex to retry process for Salesforce connection Start Code // start part of your Java code System.out.println(jobName + “: trying Salesforce Connection”); globalMap.put(“SFExceptionCaught”, false); try { Main code // here is the main part of the component, // a piece of code executed in the row // loop   End code // end of the