Big Data ETLs : SAS vs Talend Talend Talend is an open-source data integration tool (with the full suite , ESB , MDM , BPM , DQ). It uses a code-generating approach. Uses a GUI, but within Eclipse RC, with an intuitive use Very large community , and more than 800 connectors ( the biggest

How do i choose the right ETL tool ? : ETL tools market is changing fast, you need always to have the latest updates and the functionalities of each vendor to select your ETL.The task is difficult, labor intensive and it is hard to find a good starting point. To help you best choosing your

Free and open source ETL for Big data Pentaho Pentaho is a commerical open-source BI suite that has a product called Kettle for data integration. It uses an innovative meta-driven approach and has a strong and very easy-to-use GUI. The company started around 2001 (2002 was when kettle was integrated into it). It has a