Execute hive script (.HQL) with talend tHiveRow

Execute hive script (.HQL) with talend tHiveRow

Took from the forum https://www.talendforge.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=29279

How to execute the hive script which is on hdfs from talend ?

This is possible using tHiveRow..


Details : 

tHiveRow is the dedicated component for this database. It executes the HiveQL query stated in the specified database. The row suffix means the component implements a flow in the Job design although it does not provide output.

This component can also perform queries in a HBase database once you activate its Store by HBase function.

The Hadoop distribution must be properly installed, so as to guarantee the interaction with Talend Studio. The following list presents MapR related information for example.

Execute hive script (.HQL) with talend tHiveRow

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