Minelead.io vs Hunter.io : It is important to know the different products offering for email discovery , here is Minelead.io and why it’s really cool product considered as the best free hunter.io alternatives

why minelead.io is a free hunter.io alternative, check Minelead.io now !

free hunter.io alternative
Free hunter.io alternatives

Minelead.io lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business and it’s free !!!

probably the only free hunter.io alternative in the market

First, with million email addresses indexed, effective search filters and scoring,
it’s the most powerful email-finding tool ever created.

Second, it uses real time & streaming technologies to populate and enrich it’s database

I am really impressed with Minelead.io.

It’s really a free hunter.io alternative ( completely free ) and what they have been able to accomplish in a very short amount of time.

Reason is that they have a versatile Database of commercial contacts, and some detailed information of each of them, and all of those parameters can be searched and filtered.

For me it’s a real free hunter.io alternatives

Highly Recommended.

Coststarts 49$FREE
Average emails per domain4653
Real time searchNoYes
Collections NoYes

Recently a number of people have asked whether minelead.io finder is a good alternative to Hunter.io and we want to show you how they compare.

1 – No cost
2 – No contract
3 – Better results

So why Minelead.io is a hot startup ?

You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly plan
It’s 100% free alternative to hunter.io
Get better results
Real time search available

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