Pentaho vs Talend

Pentaho vs Talend

Pentaho is a commerical open-source BI suite that has a product called Kettle for data integration.
It uses an innovative meta-driven approach and has a strong and very easy-to-use GUI.
The company started around 2001 (2002 was when kettle was integrated into it).
It has a strong community of 13,500 registered users.
It has a stand-alone java engine that process the jobs and tasks for moving data between many different databases and files.
It can schedule tasks (but you need a schedular for that – cron).
It can run remote jobs on “slave servers” on other machines.


  1. It has the biggest ETL community and many finance companies and investors supporting it.
  2. It generates java code which you later run on your server / deploy using manual or automatic
  3. It has data quality features: from its own GUI, writing more customised SQL queries and Java.
  4. It can run on remote and on local and the jobs can be used as java executable jars independently
  5. it has a on premise and Cloud version
  6. its mature and up to date on Big data technologies ( i.e Spark, Hive , AWS ..etc )
  7. Fairly priced and has subscription model independent from your project size.
  8. It can run remote jobs








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