Talend FTP Retry Logic Job


Talend FTP Retry Logic Job.

Retry process , for Connections that might fail your job.

This jobs will show you how to catch errors and retry the connection automatically until you get successful connection without failing your job



Talend Salesforce Retry Logic Job

If you have a requirement to try n number of times to connect to FTP server  , you might then need to develop the retry logic job which will automatically try and retry the connection until it get a successful connection.

The job, sleep few seconds between each two attempts and continue the process if the connection is OK.

This logic should be used throw your jobs to avoid any discrepancy.

This job contains :

  • All the best practices
  • compatible talend version 6 and above
  • Jave norms
  • Description
  • Context parametersThis job contains 2 parameters :Maximum retry ( default 200  )Sleep between retries ( default 2 seconds )

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