Salesforce sync with other enterprise applications

Many of us has found this need of sync Salesforce with the other enterprise application onsite, for example the billing applications , customer services , the different databases , Zuora ,MDM, DWH  .. etc


Salesforce with the enterprise architecture
Salesforce with the enterprise architecture










This architecture is very common now , the best choice is to use a flexible ETL , and Talend is one of the best.

Many companies around the world are using now this combination Salesforce-Talend and it works perfectly.

We have already developed many successful projects with this architecture i.e :

  • Salesforce to Datawarehouse
  • Salesforce to Zuora ( and vice versa)
  • Salesforce to Archimedes  ( and vice versa)
  • Salesforce to OCOD
  • Salesforce to FTP
  • Salesforce to Email
  • Salesforce to MDM
  • MDM to Salesforce
  • Salesforce to Oracle finance tools
  • Salesforce to Eright  ( and vice versa)

If you need more details or advice keep in touch, we will be happy to give you advice and help you to implement your project.

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