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List of Salesforce components integrated with Talend :

tSalesforceOutput , tSalesforceInput … etc

Salesforce Talend Component
Salesforce Talend Component

Integrate Salesforce Using Talend


Suppose you want to migrate conditional data from one Salesforce org. to another. So I explore Talend ETL tool to do the task and I found this tool a really very easy and helpful tool to migrate the data. I am going to tell you the steps by steps process:
1. You can download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration from
2. First you need to create a Job in the IDE
3. On the left hand side under Repository section -> Job Designs-> Right click->Create Job
4. Create saleforce connection, Repository section -> Metadata->Salesforce-> Right click->Create Saleforce connection
5. Source Org.A
Enter the name of the connection(say MySaleforceSourceOrg)
Enter login credentials and click on Check Login button, it should show Connection successful
A salesforce connection with the name MySaleforceSourceOrg should be created now right click on it and Retrieve Saleforce Module
Now select the account and click finish
6. Do same steps for Target org.B (MySaleforceTargetOrg)as well
7. Till now you have created the Job and salesforce connection for source and target org.
Talend provide standard components that we can use to fetch or insert data into
Ex:- tSalesforceInput : Allows to extract data from a Salesforce DB based on a query.
tSalesforceOutput :- Allows to write data into a Salesforce DB.
8. Now we need to link source org (MySaleforceSourceOrg ) connection to target org. connection (MySaleforceTargetOrg.)
9. Open MySaleforceSourceOrg connection and drag the account module into the job designer panel, and select tSalesforceInput component from the pop-up window.
10. Open MySaleforceTargetOrg connection and drag the account module into the job designer panel, and select tSalesforceOutput component.
11. Search for tMap component on the right side under Palette section.
12. Drag tMap  component in between tSalesforceInput and tSalesforceOutput component into the designer panel.
13. Right click on tSalesforceInput  component ->Row->Main and drop it into tMap.
14. Right click on tMap->Row->Main and drop it into tSalesforceOutput component
Now both the connection and tMap are in the designer panel. Right click on tSaleforceInput  component in the designer panel and select setting, it will automatically filled the username and password section. Now check the “Manual input of SOQL query” section. and write “Select id, name from Account limit 10″.
Select tSaleforceOutput, right click on it and click on setting. It will open the component section and select the Action as insert.
At the last select the Run(Job) tab adjacent to component section. finally click on Run button and you are done.
It will send the source account record from Saleforce OrgA to Salesforce OrgB.

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