Scheduling in Talend Open Studio

ETL jobs are created with the intent of pulling fresh data from one or more sources. Performing some transformations on them and pushing the cleansed and modified data into the target db. Once you have your wonderful job created, you would naturally wish for it to run more than once. You may want it to run periodically (eg. Weekly, monthly, fortnightly) or more likely even daily at a specific time.  Now, in order to reach your goal, what you would have to do is manually run your job every single day. Imagine how tiresome and pointless this activity may seem after a while  when have to manually run the same job every single day.  Wouldn’t it be just wonderful, if we could somehow make the job run on its own at a certain time.

Fortunately, there is a provision in Talend to achieve just this and the process of going about achieving this is called Scheduling in Talend Open Studio.

Talend Export Types

If you are using the enterprise edition of Talend, then you would be using the Talend Administration Center (TAC) to schedule your jobs. However, if you are using the Open Studio, you would need to export your job into a number of export types. The various Talend export types are :-

  1. Standalone Jobs
  2. Axis WebService (WAR)
  3. Axis Webservice(ZIP)
  4. JBoss ESB
  5. Petals ESB
  6. OSGI Bundle for ESB

For this tutorial, we would be considering a simple job that does no more than read a file, and print a few lines of it onto the console output. The design of this job is as shown below :-



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