Talend developer, Talend consultancy UK, talend consultant

Talend developer, Talend consultancy UK, talend consultant

If you are looking for a Talend developer, Consulting, Talend UK :

Talend certified consultants
Talend certified consultants

In TalendExpert.com we are all certified consultants, if you have Talend consulting requirements or you need a Talend consultant on your site please contact us on our number shown above or on our email : contact (at) talendExpert.com

If you  are outside UK ( US , CHiNA , RUSSIA , EMEA ) , we can  provide remote devs / consulting, please contac us or send us your details we will call you and discuss your project / requirements


Talend developer – Consulting

We can guarantee to develop ETL solutions using industry best practice so that the ETL code delivered is running, meets business requirements and definitions, conforms to customer experience analytics design specifications and have the controls and checks in place to satisfy audit/finance guidelines. To document the technical design of ETL components in accordance with customer experience analytics standards.

I addition we are trained to ensure privacy and data protection is adhered to in the design of all ETL solutions. That access to data is controlled, that personal data is stored securely and is anonymised in accordance with best practice guidelines.

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Amine HALLAM Talend Expert and Ex-Talend employee with 8 years experience with talend technologies,for more information please contact me here.

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