Talend feeds ( to Redshift , to Salesforce , to MDM .. etc )

Talend feeds ( to Redshift , to Salesforce , to MDM .. etc )


You may have to develop a Talend feed , from a source ( Oracle database  , Cloud app, Salesforce , Zuora , CRM .. etc ) to Redshift  or vice versa also you may need to send the feed regularly ( once a day  or every hour ) this tutorial you help you to set up this feed.

Two different ways :

Full feed or Incremental.

Full feed may be quite big , especially if you would like redshift to be refreshed quite often , in this case you can create Full/Incremental feed parameter so they you can do 1 full per month for example and incremental every day or every 2 hours …


There will two ( or three ) steps :

1) extract all data for all objects

2) Send data

Is that all ? …. NO 😉

Very important : Think about the Encryption

Depending on your company policy, you might need to encrypt the data when it’s on Talend server or any other server before being imported by the target , we thing this is a crucial step as many client ignore the encryption of the files, you need to remember that this contains customers data and regulated, and having customer’s data on your local machines or different servers is not safe.

This why after extracting the data, you need to encrypted and send it to the target encrypted.

Here is an example on how we do that :





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