Talend Issues with Salesforce Connections

Talend Issues with Salesforce Connections

Some clients of Salesforce are complaining about Salesforce connectivity behaviour, some errors appeared recently , here are the most commons :


Error 1 : org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Transport error: 503 Error: Service Unavailable

Error 2 : com.salesforce.soap.partner.UnexpectedErrorFault: QUERY_TIMEOUT: Your query request was running for too long.

Error 3 : com.salesforce.soap.partner.UnexpectedErrorFault: SERVER_UNAVAILABLE: Too many requests waiting for connections


You might have your jobs failing frequently and you are asking What can be done to resolve this  ? Here are some answers :


1- Please visit regularly the salesforce healthcheck of your instance  here : https://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/

2- Actually, This message “SERVER_UNAVAILABLE” has been added in Summer 13 release to replace the UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION (internal server error) which was thrown earlier when the server was busy and the client application does know how to proceed.

It is changed to valid message-“SERVER_UNAVAILABLE”, so that client application should retry once this message is received. Retrying after waiting for some time (say 10 sec) should resolve the issue. If you are using an in-house application, please add the client logic to handle this message to retry.
TalendExpert.com suggest you to implement the retry mechanism so that immediately when resources will be available the connection will be back and process will continue

Additional info about Talend Issues with Salesforce Connections: 

As such there is no governor limit for the connection.

In salesforce the connection availability depends upon the the number of resources available on the instance.

So it is totally controlled on DB level as such sometimes due to a number of request at same time on same instance the load gets increased due to which for a small instance server unavailability can happen .

But it never happens frequently , it happens once in a while.

As such the live connection cannot be monitored on UI or via API.

For your concern when your making any request or API call you can monitor it via external network tools to capture the packets transferred and lost in between the network connection.

Final and best solution , to avoid your jobs failing is to implement the retry logic

Talend job : Passing Parameters and Variables to Subjob and vice versa


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  1. Hi all,

    Scenario – Unable to access Sales-force URL

    A)Previously –
    *Able to access Saleforce URl
    – Talend 1.5 version
    – Java 1.6

    B)Currently the Issue –
    Installed a new Talend 6.2 version with
    -“Open Studio for Data integration”
    -Java 1.8

    Unable to access Sales force URL
    Please Support