Talend : Passing Parameters and Variables to Subjob

You can send context variable or globalMap variables from parent to child jobĀ , here is the easiest way

  • Create the context variable name in the child job.
  • In tRunjob , go on component tab and :

Select which variable you want to send , you can for example send the Whole context.

“Transmit whole context” is used to transmit all the context variables of a parent job to a child job.

If your parent job has 5 context variables but your child job needs only 3, you don’t transmit “the whole context” but only the 3 interresting variables.


Passing a value from the parent Job to the child Job is a common real world requirement. This article serves as a best practice guide.


Context talend var
Context talend var


Talend : Passing Parameters and Variables to Subjob



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