Talend reduced cost consultancy, save up to 60%

Talend reduced cost consultancy, save up to 60% with our remote offshore center




Package support & Development:
One day engagement:
Enjoy 8 hours remote consulting, Often used for Audits, Debugs & Optimisations.
Bronze Package:
5 days remote Consulting Often used for Audits, Training, Debugs,Optimisations & Developments.
Silver Package:
15 days remote consulting Often used for Audits, Debugs, Optimisations & Developments.
Gold Package:
60 days of consultancy, choose between both
onsite and offsite Mainly used for Developments & Deployments.
(Local taxes may apply where applicable)
At Talend Expert, you
have the flexibility to
purchase packages to
suit your needs
without being tied to
lengthy contracts.
All support packages are
provided by one of our
Talend Experts, ensuring
you a competent and
proficient service.

Save up to 60%


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