Top 10 ETL Tools Reviews

Top 10 ETL Tools Reviews

Top 10 ETL Tools Reviews : ETL is the short form of Extract, Transform and Load. These are key tools required when handling Database and Data Warehousing.  Also, if you are using any cloud storage services, these ETL tools are very of great importance. The main functions of these tools is to migrate the data from the source database to the required database through cloud computing or Data warehouses.

These ETL tools together combine a process which are; Extraction of data from the source file, Transformation of the required file type from the original type to the required type so that it can be accessed from the target source and Loading the files into the target database or data warehouse.

If your business process includes any kind of Data migration or transformation of Data from one format to another or Data mobility then you might have to employ these ETL tools to enable your business process. Below, you can find few of the major ETL tools that are being used in the market.


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