Tutorial Impala SQL

create table CustomerFact ( Customer_id INTEGER, order_item_id INTEGER )
 partitioned by ( customer_key  INTEGER ) stored as PARQUET 
insert into table CustomerFact2 select category_id from categories;
 select customer_id from customers ; 
select order_item_id from order_items ;
-- Most popular product categories
select c.category_name, count(order_item_quantity) as count
from order_items oi
inner join products p on oi.order_item_product_id = p.product_id
inner join categories c on c.category_id = p.product_category_id
group by c.category_name
order by count desc
limit 10;

-- top 10 revenue generating products
select p.product_id, p.product_name, r.revenue
from products p inner join
(select oi.order_item_product_id, sum(cast(oi.order_item_subtotal as float)) as revenue
from order_items oi inner join orders o
on oi.order_item_order_id = o.order_id
where o.order_status <> 'CANCELED'
and o.order_status <> 'SUSPECTED_FRAUD'
group by order_item_product_id) r
on p.product_id = r.order_item_product_id
order by r.revenue desc
limit 10;

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