August 2014 - Silicon Tern

Talend : Setup Logger Configuration on tomcat

 Talend : Setup Logger Configuration on tomcat 1. Pick up the necessary jar from the FTP location for uploads defined in section 3.3 a) tomcat-juli.jar b) tomcat-juli-adapters.jar 2. log4j-1.2.16.jar 3.   Section B (Configuration)   Make sure you are not using any log4j.jar files in your $CATALINA_BASE/webapps/your webapp/WEB-INF/lib until or unless you have a file configured in $CATALINA_BASE/webapps/your webapp/WEB-INF/classes

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Salesforce sync with other enterprise applications

Many of us has found this need of sync Salesforce with the other enterprise application onsite, for example the billing applications , customer services , the different databases , Zuora ,MDM, DWH  .. etc                     This architecture is very common now , the best choice is to use a flexible ETL , and Talend is one of the best. Many companies around the world are using now this combination Salesforce-Talend…

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Talend : how to fix connection timed out

Talend : how to fix connection timed out Solution Check your Firewall ( network issues ) Check if there is a proxy  ( network issues ) If the network is OK , and for example you’re doing FTP transfer , do it in the commandline : Try command line connection ( talend user )  from unix with the following syntax sftp -oPort=9999 userLogin@hostNameOrIP be sure you don’t have a yes/No question , as Talend is not able to do…

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