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Data Science Basics

Find below the results for this Quiz 1.  What is Data Science?   Multidisciplinary Just another way to describe statisticians A relatively new discipline Extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data   2.  Which one of the V’s below does NOT describe one of the 4 major characteristics of Big Data?   Volume Variety Velocity Viscosity Veracity 3.  Correlation implies Causality?   True False 4.  According to the McKinsey’s “Big Data Report”, by 2018 what is the forecast…

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Cloudera vs Hortonworks

Big data distributions comparison : CLOUDERA vs HORTONWORKS Cloudera Cloudera Inc. is one of the oldest and most widely known Hadoop distributions Strong client base and market penetration. Cloudera offers both its open source distribution, called Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), and its proprietary Cloudera Management Suite. Cloudera provides proprietary value-added components ( Impala , Ambari .. etc ) Cloudera is open source with just a few proprietary components, which minimize the risk of vendor lock-in and protects the ability…

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