May 2016 - Silicon Tern

Week 2 : HIVE Assignment

1.  If you were to use the following SQL statement in the Quickstart VM via the Hue interface – utilizing the Hive query editor: SELECT product_name, product_price FROM products WHERE ( product_price > 10) ORDER BY product_price DESC LIMIT 1000 what would be the correct answer for the most expensive product? SOLE E25 Elliptical SOLE E35 Elliptical SOLE F85 Treadmill Spalding Beast 60″ Glass portable Basketball 1 point 2.  In the sample_08 data set – who had the…

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Quizz : How Hive Works?

How Hive Works? 10 questions 1 point 1.  What is not one of the 5 major Hive components? MetaStore Driver Compiler Zookeeper Execution Engine Shell 1 point 2.  What is MetaStore’s main job in Hive? Store meta data about queries Manage life cycle of the tables Maintains query sessions Store system catalog and meta data about tables 1 point 3.  Hive’s Execution Engine Enables integration with other applications Performs column pruning Processes MapReduce jobs Partitions Data in HDFS 1…

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QUIZ HBase Assignment

Utilizing the analytics_demo data set via HBase data browsing, using the prefix search capability – within domain 15 which country France, Italy or US had the most visits? (Hint: use the row key search for each country) US Italy France   How many different domains are there in the analytics_demo data set (Using the Hue web interface)? Hint: domains are rows, not individual cells in the rows. Only count the default shown, don’t select all. 100 55 15…

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