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Week 2 : HIVE Assignment

[premium_content] 1.  If you were to use the following SQL statement in the Quickstart VM via the Hue interface – utilizing the Hive query editor: SELECT product_name, product_price FROM products WHERE ( product_price > 10) ORDER BY product_price DESC LIMIT 1000 what would be the correct answer for the most expensive product? SOLE E25 Elliptical […]

Quizz : How Hive Works?

How Hive Works? 10 questions [premium_content] 1 point 1.  What is not one of the 5 major Hive components? MetaStore Driver Compiler Zookeeper Execution Engine Shell 1 point 2.  What is MetaStore’s main job in Hive? Store meta data about queries Manage life cycle of the tables Maintains query sessions Store system catalog and meta data […]

QUIZ HBase Assignment

Utilizing the analytics_demo data set via HBase data browsing, using the prefix search capability – within domain 15 which country France, Italy or US had the most visits? (Hint: use the row key search for each country) [premium_content] US Italy France   How many different domains are there in the analytics_demo data set (Using the […]