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Request Optimove API with Talend ETL

Request Optimove API with Talend ETL This is a quick blog, to show how we can request Optimove CRM data with Talend ETL In this scenario, you want to get your customers/segemts/model data for each customer and segments , that contains an incentive offer on a given day. 1. Login using the general/login API call. 2. Confirm that Optimove contains the most up-to-date customer data using the model/XXX API call. The returned date should be yesterday’s date. If not, your system…

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How to use Talend with Pollfish API ?

How to use Talend with Pollfish API ? TalendExpert.com can help you on your process of Ingesting your data from Pollfish using Talend ETL. Our teams have developed and delivered successfully this integration journey, we have developed many template jobs reusable and ready for use regarding Pollfish integration. Also, we do propose ready-to-use components that extract/update data with Pollfish API using a very simple connectors in Talend , no coding skills needed to integrate your data using APIs. These components are not in Exchange community and on-demand use only. In…

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More Pig Commands

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