January 2017 - Silicon Tern

Talend Routines Tutorial

Talend Routines Tutorial Sometimes, you will want to write your own routines. This allows you to write code once, which you can call many times from within the same Job or from more than one of your Jobs. You may also want to Refactor complex code for readability, or use a routine to aid using external libraries that you’ve imported. Sometimes, the components in Talend need a little more from you to get the job done. There are plenty…

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Job Parallelization in Talend (Multi Threading in Talend)

What is Parallelization? To understand parallelization better, lets consider a simple game. We are given 10 coins and we have a simple task to perform with them: we need to toss each coin once. A pretty straightforward task; you would randomly pick one coin from your stack, toss is once and keep it aside from the rest to indicate it’s completion. Assuming it takes you one second to toss one coin, you would finish your entire task in 10…

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Talend tRunJob Component

Talend tRunJob Component A job in Talend is what we create to perform a certain desired operation. However, what if we have several such individual jobs and would like to call them form within one another? Imagine that you are the director of your organisation and you need to pull daily sales data from various shops located over the city and have it all inserted into a single excel file. What you would do is created individual Talend jobs…

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