Best ETL integration tools for Impala & Cloudera

Best ETL integration tools for Impala & Cloudera

Talend ETL

  1. Talend is very easy to use . Talend has Big Data & Big Data for real time products that groups all the products you need in one ( ETL, MDM , ESB , Big data ..etc ) and has native connectors for Impala ( it is supported in Cloudera CDH 5.2 and onwards )
  2. Talend is fastest growing ( Infact a leader ) in Big data ETLs, it suports natively hadoop ecosystem and has a big community

Talend capture of the creation of Impala DB :

At we are expert of Big Data Integration, we have developed many REUSABLE jobs and we have our own best practices for developing projects in very efficient way.

Our teams have developed and delivered successfully multiple integration big data projects using Apache Impala.


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