Best ETL integration for Zuora

Best ETL integration for Zuora

Best ETL for Zuora

  1. Talend is very easy to use . Talend has Data Fabric software that groups all the products you need in one ( ETL, MDM , ESB , Big data ..etc )
  2. Talend is fastest Big data ETL
  3. Talend have many REST component easy to use for Zuora

At we are expert of Zuora Integration, we have developed many REUSABLE jobs ( check our reusable library jobs ) that makes your integration of Zuora possible in hours and not days or months.

Our teams have developed and delivered successfully this integration journey for many clients

We offer many options :

  1. Full extract or Incremental feed
  2. Use AQUA or SOAP APIs
  3. Using the free or Enterprise version of Talend


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