Best etl tools comparison

Best etl tools comparison

Enterprise buyers increasingly see data integration as a strategic requirement, for which they want comprehensive data delivery capabilities, flexible deployment models, and synergies with information and application infrastructures. To help them make the right choice, our website will provide here a very intuitive and helpful article to compare between these tools :


Best etl tools comparison


  1. Informatica is a very good commercial data integration suiteĀ founded in 1993
  2. It is the market share leader in data integration (Gartner Dataquest)
  3. The company’s sole focus is data integration.
  4. It has a cloud version
  5. It has quite a big package for enterprises to integrate their systems, cleanse their data and
  6. can connect to a vast number of current and legacy systems.
  7. Its very expensive, will require training some of your staff to use it and probably require
  8. hiring consultants as well.
  9. Its very fast and can scale for large systems. It has “Pushdown Optimization” which uses an


  1. Talend is an open-source data integration tool (with the full suite , ESB , MDM , BPM , DQ).
  2. It uses a code-generating approach. Uses a GUI, but within Eclipse RC.

Download a Free ETL tools comparison, Click here

Data Integration Tools comparison (Talend vs Informatica vs Abinitio vs ODI , updated 2015/2016 )


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