Best ETL with SPARK : Talend

Best ETL with SPARK : Talend

An acceleration engine for your integration platform

As the first data integration platform built on Apache Spark, Talend delivers unprecedented speed, scale, and agility to bring advanced analytics to the data-driven enterprise.

  • Speed performance with in-memory processing
  • A single platform across batch, real-time, and streaming data sources
  • Put advanced analytics and data science into production
  • Future-proof your integration infrastructure

Speed performance with in-memory processing

If your success depends on acting fast with insight from the latest data, then Talend and Spark are the answer. Process at the speed and scale of the Internet of Things with high-speed messaging and high-speed processing to capture and deliver millions of events per second.

  • Talend Big Data jobs running Spark are 5x faster than MapReduce* to deliver real-time results.
  • Talend visual tools enable you to build Spark jobs 10x faster than hand coding to run on Hadoop, standalone, or in the cloud.
  • Talend optimized connectors and components combine in-memory analytics, machine learning and caching components delivering high performance jobs without tuning Spark by hand.

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