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Talend Offshoring

Talend Offshoring     Whatever projects you are running, you need skilled resources to work on, small or large teams., sometimes you don’t need many and sometimes a lot more,it is difficult to predict the workload and demand for resources .. this why more than 50% of IT projects worldwide exceed their budget and 84% suffer from overruns Traditionally obtaining resource or consulting is typically something than can take weeks or months, you have to do research and to…

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Talend ESB runtime : Internal error

Talend ESB runtime : Internal error   Many of the clients are facing issues especially “Internal error” when they publish a webservice in Talend ESB, and the error is often not clear. In many cases, the webservice works fine locally but not when you deploy it in TAC or vice versa  ..  more frequently when you use ssl connection you get continuously “Internal Error ( server)” especially when you query some external portal ( Tax authorities ) which always uses SSL certificates…

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Talend reduced cost consultancy, save up to 60%

Talend reduced cost consultancy, save up to 60% with our remote offshore center       Package support & Development: One day engagement: Enjoy 8 hours remote consulting, Often used for Audits, Debugs & Optimisations. Bronze Package: 5 days remote Consulting Often used for Audits, Training, Debugs,Optimisations & Developments. Silver Package: 15 days remote consulting Often used for Audits, Debugs, Optimisations & Developments. Gold Package: 60 days of consultancy, choose between both onsite and offsite Mainly used for Developments & Deployments. (Local taxes may…

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