Minelead.io | Best Hunter.io alternative for B2B Lead Generation

Why Minelead.io ? We have been using multiple B2B lead generation softwares, and the results were not always great, most of them are very “pricy” and the ROI is not always as claimed ,  dilemma to find the right person to talk to when the companies are medium or large organisations. We have decided to […]

Parallelization in Talend

Parallelization in Talend You can achieve Parallelization in Talend in 2 ways. Running SubJobs in Parallel by using the Multi-threaded Executions Enabling Mulit-threaded Execution is hidden in the Jobs view of the studio. Also note that enabling multi-thread on a single processor could hurt the performance Using the tParallelize component of Talend. The tParallelize component is […]

How to log data in Talend Job using tLogCatcher

How to log data in Talend Job using tLogCatcher tLogCatcher helps to catch Warning and Errors and log data in a package. Having tLogCatcher is similar to running whole package under TRY..CATCH. Both tDie and tWarn components are closely related to the tLogCatcher component. They generally make sense when used alongside a tLogCatcher in order for the log data collected to be encapsulated […]