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Talend tRunJob Component

Talend tRunJob Component A job in Talend is what we create to perform a certain desired operation. However, what if we have several such individual jobs and would like to call them form within one another? Imagine that you are the director of your organisation and you need to pull daily sales data from various shops located over the city and have it all inserted into a single excel file. What you would do is created individual Talend jobs…

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Microsoft Exchange Server integration with Talend

Microsoft Exchange Server integration with Talend Summary In this post i will talk about how to do integration between talend and MS exchange server. Using this integration you can create calendar invites, events, tasks, contacts in your exchange server account. Details We will use java code and exchange web service and EWSJavaapi to carry out integration. EDWJavaapi is an old api but it worked for us. (You have to check compatibility between this jar files and your version of…

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Implementing cartesian join in talend

Implementing cartesian join in talend Summary In this post we are going to learn how we can implement cartesian/cross join in talend using tmap. At times (though not often) you might like to have a cross join between your sources (db, files, others) and put them to a output target. You can achieve this via talend tmap component, with no join condition defined. Details In Tmap component you can add multiple sources as input and then define join conditions…

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