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This section is to prepare your certification exam with many exercices and questions

Data Preparation with KNIME

Utilizing the 003001_SimpleFlow_with_Statistics workflow – if we are interested only in the 35-45 working age group. What is the mean capital-loss? 152.6 134.9 187.7 1 point 2.  If we ask the same question but limit it only to people with doctorate degrees – what would be the mean capital loss? 208.6 203.4 201.9 203.7 1 […]

Data Science Basics

Find below the results for this Quiz 1.  What is Data Science?   Multidisciplinary Just another way to describe statisticians A relatively new discipline Extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data   2.  Which one of the V’s below does NOT describe one of the 4 major characteristics of Big Data?   Volume Variety […]

The Big Data Stack Quiz

Find below the results for this Quiz 1. What is not one of the main functional requirements for Big Data stack? 2. The Big Data Landscape is a growing, crowded, dynamic and diverse space. 3. Hadoop is an environment that provides ______ (mark all that apply) environment. 4. What is HDFS in the world of Big Data?   ANSWERS […]