Difference between talend and informatica

Difference between talend and informatica

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  • Talend is an open-source data integration tool (with the full suite , ESB , MDM , BPM , DQ).
  • It uses a code-generating approach. Uses a GUI, but within Eclipse RC, with an intuitive use
  • Very large community , and more than 800 connectors ( the biggest connectors library )
  • It has the biggest ETL community and many finance companies and investors supporting it.
  • It generates java code which you later run on your server / deploy using manual or automatic
  • It has data quality features: from its own GUI, writing more customised SQL queries and Java.
  • It can run on remote and on local and the jobs can be used as java executable jars independently
  • it has a on premise and Cloud version
  • its mature and up to date on Big data technologies ( i.e Spark, Hive , AWS ..etc )
  • Fairly priced and has subscription model independent from your project size.



  • Informatica is a very good commercial data integration suite.
  • It was founded in 1993
  • It is the market share leader in data integration (Gartner Dataquest)
  • It has 2600 customers. Of those, there are fortune 100 companies, companies on the Dow Jones and government organization.
  • The company’s sole focus is data integration
  • It’s pricing model is based in credit and long term contracts also depends on the size of the project and the number of nodes

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