Feedback about Talend 6 : Big data project

Talend has released the v6 in September 2015.

Feedback about Talend 6 : Big data project

This version is a big jump to the big data world, as this version made Talend the fist ETL tool that has adopted the Spark engine natively , but not only this .. this new version has also native components to create PARQUET , AVRO  files in Map-reduce or Spark jobs, in addition to Sqoop components and Cloudera impala connectors.

PS : Hive, HDFS, HBase, Cassandra components ..etc all exist in Talend in the previous version so these are still available in the new version.

No more hand coding no phyton, no scala , no more pySpark.

We have started some big data projects using Talend/Spark ( the first in EMEA ) , for a datawarehousing project, and Talend has shown it’s robustness and easy development to adopt Hadoop and Spark, the jobs that takes minutes or hours in the old ETL , are now just seconds …







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