Free open source ETL for Amazon Redshift

Free open source ETL for Amazon Redshift?


  1. Talend has the connectors to Redshift ( tRedshiftOutput , TredshiftInput ) to read and write on Redshift without going throw S3
  2. With Pentaho you can store data in S3 then use COPY command to load data into Redshift
  3. Both ETLs have a free version that you can test.
  4. Talend and Pentaho offers some of the most deployed Open Source ETL tools and used in several critical implementations.
  5. Talend and Pentaho have strong community support  ( 3 million downloads for Talend ), well known companies. Open Source Business Intelligence is  growing fast and real world applications are widespread.
  6. Talend Open Studio and Pentaho Kettle are  both user friendly, well documented and have a strong community support.

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