Hadoop/Hortonwork architecture with Talend ( for Telecos )

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Hadoop/Hortonwork architecture with Talend ( for Telecos )

Communications and entertainment providers must serve millions of pieces of data per second. Telco subscribers generate more data than ever before with phone calls, text messages and emails. Cable subscribers consume high-bandwidth music, videos and advertisements. Today’s subscribers expect nearly limitless choice and instantaneous, personalized delivery.

They want the ability to save everything they ever receive, in case they want to consume it later. All of these changes break the old models of communication and media distribution, so telcos and cable companies are turning to Apache Hadoop for a smarter and more cost-effective way to store and process data. Hadoop helps these enterprises modernize their data architectures in four important ways:

Multi-use, Multi-workload Data Processing: Hadoop supports multiple access methods (batch, interactive and real-time) for a common, shared data set. Analysts can view and transform data in multiple ways at once.This speeds time-to-insight and strengthens confidence in their conclusions.

New Opportunities for Analytics: Hadoop’s schema-on-read architecture lets users store data in its raw format. Analysts can then define unique schemas for the data they need for a particular research question or application.

New Efficiencies for Data Architecture: Hadoop runs on low-cost commodity servers and reduces overall cost of storage. This makes it affordable to retain all source data for much longer periods, which provides applications with far deeper historical context.

Data Warehouse Optimization: ETL workloads also benefit from Hadoop’s favorable economics. Data with low per-unit value can be extracted and transformed in Hadoop. This data’s value grows in the aggregate when it is joined with other data and stored for longer. These advantages explain why telcos and cable companies are adopting Hadoop. In fact, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is currently in use at all of the largest U.S. telcos, as well as at many U.S. cable companies.

Additionally, a growing number of international providers are also choosing HDP as their Hadoop standard. To facilitate integration, Talend delivers an easy-to-use, open source integration tool that seamlessly connects Apache Hadoop to hundreds of data systems—without requiring handwritten code.

Talend Hadoop architecture
Talend Hadoop architecture

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