How do i choose the right ETL tool ?

How do i choose the right ETL tool ? : ETL tools market is changing fast, you need always to have the latest updates and the functionalities of each vendor to select your ETL.The task is difficult, labor intensive and it is hard to find a good starting point.

To help you best choosing your ETL, here are 5 questions/steps you need to answer before we can help.

1 – What is your integration strategy ?

It should be clear which business initiatives will be supported, which business processes are supported, where data should be moved from and to (both internal and external systems) and what the underlying infrastructure will be. Without a proper integration strategy, buying an ETL tool would be like buying a luxurious and expensive car online, without taking into consideration whether it should be a left-hand or right-hand drive.


2. Define criteria in business terms

Define your source systems,  different platforms, Your ETL should be able to connect natively to many different types of database and technologies. Making a clear connection between the business strategy and selection criteria is an essential factor for success.

3-Invite vendors for a live demonstration

In this phase of the ETL selection process, you will invite the vendors on the short-list for a live demonstration of their solution. We recommend that you prepare this meeting in detail with the vendors


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