Informatica MDM vs. IBM InfoSphere MDM

Informatica MDM vs. IBM InfoSphere MDM

Informatica MDM

Informatica is based in Redwood City, California, U.S. Informatica MDM version 10.1 achieved GA in September 2015.

  • Pricing:Informatica received below-average scores from its reference customers for pricing structure and TCO.
  • Multidomain capabilities:Informatica’s MDM product is party-data-oriented, but can readily model other data domains. Reference customers gave Informatica average to above-average scores in all product capability categories.
  • Sales momentum:Judging from our interactions with clients, Informatica’s MDM product continues to feature in a significant majority of competitive situations for MDM of customer data. Its estimated revenue growth in this market segment in 2014 was 19.7%, almost double that of the segment as a whole.
  • Portfolio strategy:Informatica needs to rapidly integrate its products into the IDP to avoid having its various acquisitions dilute its platform positioning. Our inquiries indicate that only a small number of clients and prospective customers consider the simultaneous purchase of Informatica MDM and Informatica PIM products.

IBM’s Master Data Management (InfoSphere )

IBM : Corporate headquarters: New York, US

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