Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2015

Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2015

Enterprise buyers increasingly see data integration as a strategic requirement, for which they want comprehensive data delivery capabilities, flexible deployment models, and synergies with information and application infrastructures. To help them make the right choice






Based in Redwood City, California, U.S., Talend offers Open Studio for Data Integration, Enterprise Data Integration, Platform for Data Services, Platform for Big Data and Integration Cloud. Talend’s paying customer base for this product portfolio is estimated to number more than 3,600 organizations.

  • Portfolio relevance and cost model. Reference customers appreciate the solid performance of Talend’s functionality, its support of diverse use cases, and the lower TCO of Talend’s technology, relative to competitors. Talend’s free open-source offering and affordable developer-based pricing for fully featured software appeal to customers and frequently attract usage for augmenting data integration capabilities.
  • Commitment to big data and evolving trends. Talend continues to benefit from an early commitment to big data and Hadoop, with new customer adoption and technology advancements such as in-memory processing (with Apache Spark) and the enabling of real-time scenarios. Momentum to support big data, combined with a new iPaaS offering and plans for self-service data preparation capability (using data virtualization and iPaaS) in 1Q16, position Talend to expand its market reach.
  • Adaptable capabilities in a unified product set. Talend’s portfolio, including data quality, MDM, business process management, an ESB, and a recently added metadata management tool, sets out to deepen synergies across information- and application infrastructure-related use cases. Customers value the configurability of Talend’s tools, which makes them flexible enough to adapt to the business requirements of data integration processes and the availability of artifacts built by Talend’s practitioner community.

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