MDM query language and REST data access

Talend MDM proposes a REST API that enables users to perform CRUD (Create/Request/Update/Delete) operations on MDM records in a more convenient manner.

This article focuses mainly on the read and write operations of the MDM REST API, and then gives examples of basic and more complex queries that you can include in REST API calls.


This article applies to Talend MDM 6.0 and later.


The MDM REST API is a modern, developer-friendly API that simplifies the interfaces to MDM, allowing developers to interact with  MDM data more easily and directly. This section provides an overview of the workings of this API.

In addition, Talend MDM Web User Interface provides access to the MDM REST resources documentation, which you can refer to for the query language syntax and related parameters, and even test the execution of some operations.

Note that you can also integrate data API and transactions API. See the section Transactions API integration for more information.

Read operations

The URL for the API is related to the REST time machine (see MDM Time Machine for more details).