MuleSoft vs. Talend

MuleSoft vs. Talend


It’s an open source version which allows you to get started. It has 800 of connectors to connect to Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, ODBC, JDBC, XML, Access, flat files. Also a whole host of other components WebServices, FTP and Email. The transformation tools allow you to manipulate data. The paid for version includes Data Quality tools, Management & Monitoring of data integrations but I have to say I’ve only needed to upgrade once for a client. It is incredibly powerful for what you get. What I also love is that its built in Eclipse and I know that if if doesn’t have a component I can always write one. It has an App Store where users have contributed components.

MuleSoft vs. Talend : for Talend Unlike competitors you can easily go under the covers and write simple Java code to manipulate your data.

 For which purposes do you use Talend Data Integration?

  1. Data Cleansing & Quality , MDM and ESB
  2. On-Premise or Cloud Data Integration
  3. Big Data projects

MuleSoft ESB

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