Salesforce tips for Talend developers

Salesforce tips for Talend developers







  1. Check regularly the System Status :

Workbench  ( useful for Rest, Objects definitions ets ):

REST expolrer , check Rest calls before using the endpoint in Talend:

SOQL queries , apply your queries here before using the tSalesforceInput:

or ( most recommended way )

Download ( client SOQL ) , connection needs password + Token

How to get the Token :

My Settings – > Personal  -> Reset My Security Token

Schema for input objects : 

When doing joins , you need to specify the whole path for in the fields Name otherwise Talend can’t get your data.

i.e : Select Object_Delivery_Address__r.First_Name__c from XXXX


the schema must be Select Object_Delivery_Address__r_First_Name__c

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