Talend big data : The missing winutils.exe

Talend big data : The missing winutils.exe

When you execute a Talend Big Data Job from Windows, the “missing winutils.exe” error is often returned. Even though most of those Jobs can nevertheless run successfully, you are still recommended to repair this error to prevent any unexpected Job failure related to it.

java.io.IOException: Could not locate executable null\bin\winutils.exe in the Hadoop binaries

This is a known issue to many Hadoop related projects and has been asked about in many different online communities such as the stackoverflow or Cloudera’s issue tracking system.


The solution provided in this article is suitable for all the Talend Big Data Jobs to be run on Windows.

How to reproduce this issue

This issue can be reproduced in several ways. The following procedure presents one example:

  1. In Talend Studio, Create a MapReduce Job or use Hadoop-enabled components such as Pig, Hive or Sqoop to create a Standard Job in order to run MapReduce computations.
    The Talend  MapReduce Job is available only in the subscription-based Big Data products of Talend.
  2. In this Talend Job, select for example Hortonworks Data Platform or Cloudera as the target Hadoop cluster to work with.
  3. Run this Job in Windows.





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