Talend Redshift performances

Talend Redshift performances

In this quick post, i wanted to show you how we can load data into Redshift without going throw AWS S3.

In this example we are using the smallest Amazon Redshift cluster size with only one node.

in this job we pull the data from MS server, we load the data directly to Redshift , 15k rows per second.

Talend has a native component that allows direct loading to Redshift.

Talend redshift

Talend redshift


by using parallel executions you can go up to x3 times quicker 45 000 rows / second


if you choose to commit by batch of 1000 rows

the performance increase to 75 000 rows per second which means you can load 4.5 millions per minutes.

remember you are not using S3 here , so there is no cost of S3 for this upload.

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