Talend : Security best practices

Talend : Security best practices

Data security means protecting data, such as a database or a file, from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.

1- First thing : Install TAC under SSL certificat and block access from outside your network ( or allow only VPN access ) , block inbound connection on the port 8080 except for your local network.

2-Don’t┬áleave admin@talend.com user activated on the TAC , I have worked in many big customers projects , this seems to be the first test failure .

3- Use different SVN user , don’t use the defaults one, make the passwords strong enough.

4- Passwords encryption for environments, Talend is used to interact with different applications in your system information , some of them might be sensible , there are different ways to protect this passwords even from your developers and create levels of access ( please contact us for more info )

Talend : Security best practices

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