TALEND : The retry process for FTP

You may need for some reasons ( network failures .. ) to implement the retry process for your jobs

The easiest way is to us the following process : tLoop + tJavaFlex + tFtp

See below the job design in the studio











Or by defining the number of attemps in in a global variable , then add a tLoop as the following :


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  1. niallkenny says:

    Do you have any more information on this? the article is not very detailed?

    • Talendadmin says:

      Hi Niall,

      You need to define a loop variable + max try variable first.
      Then define the loop component to loop from 1 to max try variable.

      Catch the error :

      If the error catched contains an error , continue loop by doing
      loop variable = loop variable + 1


      max try variable = loop variable ( current value )

      the loop will break

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