retry process for Salesforce connection

tJavaFlex to retry process for Salesforce connection

Talend : Salesforce retry process
Talend : Salesforce retry process

Start Code

// start part of your Java code
System.out.println(jobName + “: trying Salesforce Connection”);
globalMap.put(“SFExceptionCaught”, false);
try {

Main code

// here is the main part of the component,
// a piece of code executed in the row
// loop


End code

// end of the component, outside/closing the loop
catch (Exception e) {

if( e.toString().contains(“Error”) || e.toString().contains(“AxisFault”)|| e.toString().contains(“UNAVAILABLE”) || e.toString().contains(“QUERY_TIMEOUT”)) {
globalMap.put(“SFExceptionCaught”, true);
System.out.println(“***** Caught <” + e.toString() + “> *****”);
else {



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