Tutorial talend data integration ( beginner level )

Tutorial talend data integration

Hi, in this tutorial of talend data integration ( beginner level ), you will learn how to use talend data integration in an easy way.

This tutorial will take only 3 min.

First of all, please download talend studio ( the free version ) from Talend website. ( see here )

The four steps, when creating a Talend Job, are to create a Job, add Components from the Component Palette, Configure/Connect the components and then to run the Job.

Step 1 : Create a new job : 


one you create the job, give it a name , It’s good practice to complete Purpose and Description; but we’ll talk about completing the remaining settings in a later example.:


Click on finish,  now you have create an empty job into talend.

Now we need to build the job.

Go to the palette tab in the right, start writing “trowgene”, see screenshot below , then you will see talend displaying the component tRowGenerator


click on the component , drag and drop it in the studio, then do again another search for tlogrow.



now you have your job with two components in the studio. let’s now link them to each other so the trowgenrator will generate data and  send it to the tlog row that will display it.

here are the components now before linking them :


Right, now click one click on the tRowGenerator ( the green ) then click a right click with your mouse you will this :



choose Row->Main as in the screenshot above then go to the logrow and click on it once. you should see a link created between the two component.



All right, we are nearly there.

Now we need to configure the trowgenerator, for this you need to double click on the tRowGenerator then a windown will be open  :


In this window below , click on the “+” button to add one column to the schema of this component :



when you add this column, automatically a new column name is added , it will look like this :



click on OK , then Talend will ask to propagate the changes, click yes again





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