Tutorial : how to use tHttpRequest

Tutorial : how to use tHttpRequest

This component sends an HTTP request to the server end and gets the corresponding response information from the server end.

The tHttpRequest component allows you to send an HTTP request to the server and output the response information locally.

Configuring the GET request


tHttpRequest config


Headers allows you to specify HTTP Header Fields, as value-pairs. This allows you to add or override the headers that are sent with the request.

Need authentication

If the service that is being requested, requires user and password authentication, select this option. This allows you to specify the user andpassword that will be used for the request.


Output :

Starting job tHttpRequest at 22:43 12/03/2016.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 4019
[statistics] connected
| tLogRow_1 |
|ResponseContent |
|”GOOG”,”Alphabet Inc.”,725.90,723.45

[statistics] disconnected
Job tHttpRequest ended at 22:43 12/03/2016. [exit code=0]

Alternatively use tRest

The tREST component sends HTTP requests to a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Web service provider and gets responses correspondingly.


Download the job of this tutorial here.

Talend Job using tRest and tHttpRequest

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