Unhide/Hide components (tHashoutput/tHashInput) in talend open studio

Unhide/Hide components (tHashoutput/tHashInput) in talend open studio


In this blog i will talk about how to unhide tHashoutput/tHashInput components in your talend studio. These components are useful to store data in memory in your talend job and read it across the same talend job.


By default some components are hidden in your talend opend studio. Two such components are tHashOutput and tHashInput. tHashOutput is used to store data in your job in memory. tHashInput is used to read the data stored in tHashOutput map and emit this data like other input components. These components becomes very handy when you want to do some trnasformation in data in memory. A point to note is that the memory required by the JVM when your job runs depends on the amount of data you want to store in memory/tHashOutput. The read and write of data using tHash components is fast but it consumes your memory. Writing to tHashOutput and reading from tHashInput is nothing different from other standard output and input components of talend. You need to define the schema for these components and connect flow from/to other components to/from these.

Enabling tHashoutput/tHashInput

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